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South Florida’s Source for Tree Watering

Don’t let a dry spell destroy your beautiful, towering tree life. With Bel Air Maintenance’s tree watering service for South Florida properties, you can preserve your trees’ health and aesthetics. Help your trees grow and prosper by regularly watering them—especially during drought periods. Our team is dedicated to providing prompt and courteous service to a variety of clients with tree-lined properties. We’ll make sure they receive the sufficient hydration they need on a regular basis. Bel Air has served the South Florida communities for 19 years, and our commitment to exceeding your expectations feeds into every service we offer, including tree watering.

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Variables to Consider for Watering

South Florida’s soil, your tree’s age and placement, and the weather all play a role in your trees’ watering needs. Without an adequate supply for hydration, trees suffer from poor health, lose their leaves, and eventually die from the disease, infestation, or even direct dehydration. Bel Air Maintenance wants to help you ensure your trees stay in good health and keep their lush, beautiful appearance with regular watering.

When Deciding Whether to Invest in Our Service, Some Factors to Consider About Your Trees Include the Following:
Type of Soil

The soil type on your property tends to get overlooked when considering the health and watering needs of a tree. Soil that is sand-based does a poor job holding water. Clay-based soil hardens when there’s a lack of water, and it takes more time for water to soak into it after dry periods. Regular watering is necessary with both types of soil to ensure that trees get the hydration they need.

Location of Your Trees

Where your trees are situated on your property and the adjacent features affect their access to water. When they’re by a road, driveway, or sidewalk, the sunlight can reflect off the surface and scorch your trees. Tightly enclosed areas also limit a tree’s room for roots to spread out. Stones around the trees collect heat from the sun’s rays and bake their root system. Make sure your trees have the water they need.

Age of Your Trees

During a dry season, mature trees require a regular supply of sufficient water to support their wellbeing. Through transpiration, water evaporates and exits the trees through its leaves. This evaporation causes the roots to draw more water from the ground. Some trees require multiple gallons of water every day to maintain their health. With Bel Air Maintenance, you ensure your towering plant life gets what it needs.

Periods of Drought

When drought hits your trees, the lack of water induces stress on them, which prompts the display of symptoms. These symptoms include brittle or wilting leaves or the leaves turning brown along the margins. To avoid the condition of your trees getting severe, proper watering multiple times a week might be necessary for their recovery.

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